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These Yellow-legged Gulls (Larus michahellis) were all photographed in a yacht harbour on the south side of the Ebro Delta, eastern Spain, on November 17, 2016; SOME INDIVIDUALS MAY BE REPEATED IN THIS SERIES!:


- many of the adults have subterminal black on the bill - some have thick black across both mandibles.

- almost all the adults are white-headed by mid-November.

- One adult has P9 and P8 still growing; one has a black band across P4.

- some of the first-cycles exhibit extensive wear... due to nesting environment?

- most of the first-cycles have replaced a large number of juvenile wing coverts/tertials .

- some of the first-cycles have a pale tip to the upper mandible.

First group of adults (flying)

Second group of adults (flying)

Third group of adults (swimming)

Fourth group of adults (swimming)

First-cycle birds .

Second-cycle birds .