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This 2nd-Basic Mew Gull Larus canus brachyrhynchus was present intermitently in eastern Fort Worth throughout December 1998 and at least until early February 1999. In some respects it seems to be unusual (but this may just reflect my lack of experience with them).....
   The bill has a slight but noticeable gonydal expansion, and is rather adult-like for a B2 bird, being bluish-gray basally, with a yellowish tip and smudgy blackish subterminal band; also the breast is almost unmarked (again more like adult Mew - or B2 for other forms?):

note the brownish tinge to many of the upper coverts; the striking pattern in the primary coverts; black tipping extending from P10 to P3; the gray tongue on the inner web of P8 has a tiny white "separator"; there is a small indentation on the trailing edge of P8:

- note the head markings are blotches, compared to the streaks on RBGU, and the blotching on the lower hindneck coalesces into an almost-solid shawl; the strong tertial and scapular crescents:
when first seen it was a bit timid - now it is very agressive and dominates any RBGU that comes close; note the rather blocky head shape. Note the brown edging to many of the outer under primary coverts and (in threat display above) a line of brown-edged under median secondary coverts and scattered marks in the lower axillaries: in this flight shot the broken tail band is evident (very rare in L. c. canus but frequent in L. c. kamtschatschensis); also there appears to be a indentation below the tip of the inner web of P8 (level with mirrors on P10, P9) - see spread upperwing above.