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Update: 31st March, 2000: - see bottom of page for a new photo from Feb 2000.
This presumed definitive-alternate Kelp Gull (Larus dominicus) was photographed at Playa Bagdad, Tamaulipas, Mexico on 13 September 1999 by John and Carol Gee, who photographed a similar bird there the previous winter, and may have seen immature birds there on the Sept. '99 visit, raising speculation that Kelps may be nesting nearby (note that HEGU has been recorded attempting to breed on islands in the Laguna Madre of south Texas). Another intriguing facet is that both last winter and this winter the Kelp was seen in close company with an adult LBBG (and again on Oct. 8 1999). A careful look at the plumage reveals that this bird is in active body and wing-molt - on October 8 it was noted to have dropped more inner primaries; this indicates (assuming it is a Kelp) that southern-hemisphere gulls can adopt a northern-hemisphere molt timing:

John and Carol revisited Playa Bagdad on 15th February 2000, and saw this bird - presumably the same individual?: