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Update: Jan 06, 2003: added new images from Jan 04, plus pics by Peter Adriaens of a similar bird, at the bottom.
This presumed first-basic smithsonianus Herring Gull was photographed at Lake Worth on December 27 2002 and Linkcrest Landfill on January 02, 2003, Tarrant County, Texas, by Martin Reid. The tertials and wing-coverts seem to be normal first-generation feathers, and the rearmost scapulars are clearly first-generation HERG-type feathers - but the newer feathers in the mantle/scaps are clean, 3rd-generation+ types; this combination of upperparts feathers in December is usually seen only in 3-year gulls:

Note the rather short tail:

In this pic from January 02, note that most of the new scaps are pure adult-gray, yet a couple have a dark shaft-streak reminiscent of some cachinnans and heuglini in their first Spring (clearly this bird is not one of these taxa!):

New pics from Linkcrest on Jan 04; note the new central median covert (more obvious in this image than those above):

note the new subscapular/lowest scapular feather:

Peter Adriaens kindly provided these images of a smithsonianus with a similar combination of apparent feather-generations, from Toronto, Canada in early January 2001. Peter feels that this plumage is likely to represent individual variation in the first-to-second generation molt (Peter has pics of a similar argentatus,) and while I agree, I also wonder if this plumage type has a population-bias?