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This presumed first-basic smithsonianus Herring Gull was photographed at Bolivar Flats, Texas on November 21, 1999 by Martin Reid:- Note the 2nd-generation mantle and scapulars except for the lower-most, which are retained juvenile (and still quite fresh-looking); the slender bill with GLGU-like (or CAGU-like) pattern; the long wings with thin, pale crescents at the tips and P10 just extending beyond P9; the checkering of the median and inner greater coverts; the rather sparsely-marked undertail coverts; the notched white basal outer edge to the outer retrix (thus unCAGU-like). This bird was in the company of this juvenile bird that shares many of the same characteristics. Compare them to a pair of distinctive birds from Corpus (bird 1; bird 2), and these two birds from just up the beach; could these events be examples of siblings wintering together? where are these birds coming from?: