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This fourth/definitive-basic smithsonianus Herring Gull was photographed at Corpus Christi, Texas on January 6, 2001 by Martin Reid; the mantle was clearly darker than any other Herring or Ring-billed Gull at the site, and the orbital ring was seen to be rich reddish-orange; The head-streaking was very prominent and extensive, while most other adult HERGs already had much-reduced facial streaking; only one rather small mirror was noted on P10, and combined with the large black gonydal spot and pinkish tone to the bill base, may indicate that this is a fourth-basic bird; primary molt appeared to be complete - typical for smithsonianus yet unusually early for vegae; the bill was large with a swollen, drooping tip (rare in vegae?); note the reduced black at the bases of the folded primaries compared to the sitting smithsonianus in the first image - something consistently seen in vegae (click here to see adult vegae at this site):