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These definitive-alternate Herring Gulls Larus a. smithsonianus were photographed by Martin Reid at East Beach, Galveston, Texas on 3rd April, 2000. The individual on the right was clearly a bit darker than all nearby HEGUs, had a more angular head shape, smaller apical spots, and prominent gonydal angle with a steeply curved tip to the bill; sadly, no details of the open wing were seen. As always, comments would be appreciated: Update August 2, 2000: I re-checked my photos and found another image of the the darker HEGU, plus I rescanned the original image to create a larger version - see below:

Note the large white subterminal "pearls" on P6, P7, and especially on P8 (P9 lacks a mirror), plus P5 has just a tiny spot of black; could this be a vegae?: