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Here's a series of second-basic Herring Gulls larus a. smithsonianus photographed by Ted Lee Eubanks in Texas:
1) Galveston, March 18, 1990; this bird is already well into its molt into second-alternate, with fresh gray mantle/scaps and whitening head/body:

2) Galveston, 25 February, 1990; This bird is at the other extreme (from 1)), with its second-basic mantle/scaps of the dark-centered type rather than the more usual solid-gray type, plus the bill is only slightly more advanced than most first-basics at this time of year - but note the medium-pale eye:

3) Galveston, 25 February 1990; this has a more-typical mantle, but the bill lacks a dark tip and are those short primaries fully-grown?:

4) San Luis Pass, 11 December 1989; this bird also has an unusually pale-tipped bill: