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A selection of white-headed first-basic Herring Gulls larus a. smithsonianus, all photographed by Ted Lee Eubanks in Texas:
The first bird was at East Beach, Galveston on January 21, 1990; it is rather early to see a contrastlingly-pale head, but otherwise this bird looks normal, with nearly all of the mantle/scaps being fresh "double-anchor" first-basic feathers while the wing-coverts and tertials are worn juvenile feathers:

The second bird was at East Beach, Galveston on January 27, 1990; The head is even more white on this individual, and again the fresh first-basic mantle/scaps (note how broad are the distal dark anchor-marks) contrast with the worn tertials and wing-coverts:

The third bird is very pale and worn, even for a mid-March example in Texas (birds with such worn coverts are not normally seen until mid/late April) - to the extent that the mantle appears pale gray; I feel that in fact most of the mantle/scaps are severly worn first-basic feathers with the distal "anchor" completely eroded, leaving the pale gray central band at the tip - and these overlapping bands create the gray effect on the mantle: