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These adult Herring Gulls (Larus argentatus argenteus/argentatus) were photographed at Peterhead (north of Aberdeen), northeast Scotland on Feb 25/26, 2009. To varying degrees they show some of the published ID features for smithsonianus primary patterns. These were selected from c. 60 photographed birds where the open primary pattern is visible - NOTE: the only photographer bias was slightly towards birds with less black/more white.

A): both birds have the P10 tongue extend to half-way or more; both birds have the black on the outer web of P8 extend most of the way to the coverts (more-so on the right bird); both birds have a black band across P5; the left bird has bayonets on P8 and P7; both birds have a long P8 tongue such that it appears to be as long as that on P7; the left bird has a black subterminal band on P10:

B): P10 tongue close to half of visible primary (but no black subterminal band); P8 with black on outer web for c. 3/4 of visible primary; P8 and P7 with black bayonets; P6 with bayonet; P5 with "W" pattern:

C): P10 tongue extends almost half-way to tip, with thick black subterminal band;Black band on P5:

D): P10 tongue extends almost half-eay to tip, with black subterminal band; Black on outer web of P8 extends to (or almost to) coverts; P7 and P6 with black outer point (but not true bayonet); P5 with black only on outer web, but with "U" pattern":

E): P10 tongue extends half-way to tip, with black subterminal band; P8 black on outer web extends c.3/4 of visible primary; P7 and P6 with bayonet; P5 with broken P5 band (but no "U" or "W" pattern):

F) - this one from Dix Pit, Oxon, U.K. in January 2008. P10 tongue extends more than half-way to tip (but no subterminal black band); Black on outer web of P8 extends for c. 2/3 of visible primary; P7 with blunt black on outer web; P6 and P5 with "W" pattern: