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This 2nd-Basic Kelp Gull or Kelp x Herring Gull hybrid was photographed on 13 September 1999 at Playa Bagdad, N.E. Mexico (only c. 15 miles south of Brownsville) by John and Carol Gee. John says: " four of these birds were at Playa Bagdad on 13 September, and three of them tended to stay close together (except when sometimes when we frightened them - they were rather wary)." Also of note is that an adult Kelp Gull was photographed on this same beach on the same day, and again John tells us: "there were at least three or four large black-backed gulls present last March when most big gulls stayed out in the surf because of heavy human holiday crowds", and John found an adult Kelp Gull at the same location last year.: