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PLEASE NOTE: The entries on this page are quite varied, and some of them suggest tentative IDs that would be extremely significant, were the ID to be confirmed - but almost all of these types of entries remain speculative, and the vast majority have NOT been submitted as any particular taxon - and probably never will be. The main purpose of these kinds of entries is to provoke discussion about identification/occurrence issues, and perhaps broaden awareness of the potential for certain forms to occur as vagrants. Of course, I'd prefer that I am right on such speculations! - but I am much more interested in discovering the Truth, and if that shows me to have been wrong, so-be-it; I usually learn far more when I'm wrong than when I'm right. Feel free to agree/disagree with these speculations - but please do so in a positive manner that hopefully may further the process - thanks!

The purpose of this index is to allow the visitor to concentrate on unusual, unidentified or difficult gulls of a particular type. In the table below I use the term "...-like" to refer to birds which (to me) suggest - with varying degrees of enthusiasm - this form, in one way or another. Individual gulls may appear in multiple types if I feel that they suggest more than one type.

NOTE: Although I may discuss each gull's possible identity using language ranging from tentative to somewhat confident, I regard all identities to be SPECULATIVE unless there is wide (but not necessarily universal - these are gulls, after all!) external support from the gulling community.

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