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Unless stated otherwise, all of these pictures of Baltic Gull Larus fuscus fuscus were taken by Martin Reid in Bahrain, March 4 - 10, 1999. All identification/aging is my own and must be considered tentative - especially for immatures. Discussion about the "adults": I saw only six "adult" fuscus while in Bahrain; each one of them had a completely white tail, no obvious difference in the age of the inner/outer primaries, and no signs of immaturity in the coverts - yet ALL of them had some subterminal black in the bill. I suppose it is possible that all six birds were in fact 2nd-winters - but statistically this is very unlikely, given the population ratio for 2nd-winter vs. adult gulls (plus most 2nd-winters have some black in the tail). Thus it is more likely that some or most (all?) of them were "adults" - i.e. at least in their fourth calendar year (= 3rd-winter) - indicating either that some >2nd-summer birds retain black in their bills, OR some (most?) "adult" birds acquire some black in the bill during the winter. A graellsii seen in Texas as an adult for 10+ years establishes that adult large gulls can acquire/lose black in the bill.

: two juveniles (standing); from Germany in Oct (with a 1B mich.) - added 04/06/00
: four juveniles (standing); from Finland in Aug/Sept. - added 12/15/07 .
: first-basic (standing);
: first-basic (standing); from Oman - added 06/04/00
: first-basic/alternate (flying); a banded bird from Bahrain - added 08/17/00
: first-basic (flying);
: first-basic (standing);
: first-basic (standing, flying); could this actually be an intermedius LBBG?
: a "first summer" (standing); from Finland in June- added 12/15/07 .
: two very different second-cycles (standing); from Finland in Aug. and June - added 12/15/07 .
: a presumed second-cycle (standing, flying) from Newfoundland that may be nominate fuscus. - added Oct. 06, 2007.
: a presumed third-cycle (standing) from Nova Scovia that may be nominate fuscus. - added Oct. 06, 2007.
: adult-basic (standing, flying); a lightly-marked individual
: adult-basic (standing, flying); a heavily-marked bird - is this a 2nd-basic?
: adult-basic (standing, flying); with black subterminal marks to P3
: adult-basic (standing, flying); a classic individual
: an adult basic (standing) from England in late January that is definitely dark enough for fuscus - added 01/25/08
: adult-alternate (flying); from Finland (Aug) 10/10/99
: adult-alternate (standing; flying); from South Africa(Nov) - added 01/27/01