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These presumed Steppe Gulls (Larus (c.?) barabensis) were photographed in Iran in late February/early March 2000 by Philippe J. Dubois. These first images were taken at Qeshm Island in the Straits of Hormoz (southernmost Iran); the slightly paler mantle, blockier head, and larger P10 mirror on the middle bird in this first photo pair all suggest that it may be a nominate cachinnans:

The adult bird shows the extensive black on P8, a significant black subterminal band on P4, and black in the primaries and shortish thick bill all look good for barabensis:

These images are from Halileh/Bushehr Bay, on the central Gulf coast, and may all be the same individual; it looks somewhat intermediate in that the extensive black on P8, black on the primary coverts, and extent of black on the underside on P10 all favor barabensis, while the limited size of black on the outer web of P5 and tiny black mark on P4, white crescents inside the black of P6 & P5, plus the very large mirror on P10 (that is very close to the tip) all favor cachinnnans: