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Steppe Gull Larus (c?) barabensis; I am using the English name that Lars Jonsson suggested be reserved for this form, as it is the taxon that breeds on the true Kirgiz and Baraba Steppes. I realise that some European committees use this name to refer to cachinnans/ponticus, but I feel that the more-widely used name of Caspian Gull is more appropriate for this. All images were taken by me in Bahrain in early March 1999 (unless stated otherwise). Note that all identifications of birds in Bahrain are tentative, and the terms "light", "medium", and "dark" are used to indicate the relative amount of black in the outer wing:

:first-cycle (mostly) gulls from Bahrain in 1999 : added link 01/20/07

: an adult (flying) ; a rather "light" bird
: an adult (standing) ;
: an adult (standing) ;
: an adult (flying) ; a "dark" bird
: an adult (standing) ;
: an adult (standing) ;
: an adult (standing) ; a dark-eyed, cachinnans-like bird
: an adult (standing) ;
: an adult (standing) ;
: an adult (flying) ; an armenicus-like "dark" bird
: an adult (upper primaries) ; a somewhat armenicus-like "dark" bird
: an adult (flying) ; a typical example of a "dark" bird
: an adult (flying) ; a "medium" bird
: a group of 10+ adults and subadults (standing) ;
: a comparison of an adult and a subadult (standing) ;
: an adult (standing) ; a rather short-billed individual
: two 2nd-basic/alternates (standing) ; very few such birds were seen in Bahrain
: a 2nd-basic (flying) ; - added 01/27/01
: an adult (flying) ; with odd mirrors - added 01/27/01
: two adult-alternates (standing); from Oman in late February - added 06/04/00
: five adult-alternates (standing, flying); (Id. uncertain) from Iran in late February - added 06/05/00