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Update April 15, 2005: - added more pics from today taken at the same site, at the bottom of the page.

This Definite Patch Chlosyne definita was a lonely individual hanging (literally - in a strong wind) close to the non-flowering larval food plants at Dick Kelberg Park in Kingsville, Kelberg County on March 18, 2003:

April 15 2005: More than forty rather worn males were patrolling low over the ground:

and the occasional fresh female would get nabbed by one of these worn males for the mating process:

- note that the female above (right) seems a bit unusual, in that her abdomen is not the normal pattern (see typical female below) and some of the black markings in the post-median area are exaggerated while a couple are slightly reduced.

The female above is ovipositing on the host plant (a flowering individual of which is shown below.) The host is said to be Stenandrium dulce, but a photo of this plant that I have obtained from elsewhere looks a bit different (leaves broader-based and with less-jagged edges; flower much paler and more violet) to the plants being used today at Kleberg Park; are there different varieties of Stenandrium dulce? or is this a different species of Stenandrium?: