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One of the five types of Pierine seen flying on March 09 2005 at the Franklin Mountains State Park (west side of Mtns, along the West Cottonwood Spring trail.) Two other taxa were photographed (Desert Marble Euchloe lotta and Spring White Pontia sisymbrii transversa); the two unphotographed forms were Checkered White Pontia protodice (common) and Pima Desert Orangetip Anthocharis [cethura] pima (one male flew closely past us - obviously medium-yellow, with orange and black FW tips):-

Southwestern [Sara] Orangetip Anthocharis [sara] thoosa; We saw more than sixty males patrolling the hillside. Can anyone tell me what subspecies occurs in El Paso, and whether the females are ever yellowish? - I saw one in flight that had a pale yellowish tinge and less orange in the tips: