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Update: Another Comma was seen by multiple observers at Silver Creek, just west of my yard, on June 15, 2003, and I found another one at Lake Benbrook on June 18, 2003 - see pics below this first County record:
1) This presumed Eastern Comma Polygonia comma was in my yard area on May 13, 2003. As there is no prior record of this taxon for Tarrant County, I am seeking confirmation. Having never previously seen P. comma, I have a slight concern about the "ghost" mark where the fourth black mark (bar) would be for Question Mark P. interrogationis - although I can find a few similar examples of this on the Internet; click here to see one. I did clearly see the underwing, and the position of the unbroken silver crescent was "level" - i.e. parallel with the trailing edge of the HW when perched:

Here's a subsequent Eastern Comma Polygonia comma from Tarrant County:

Note in the pic below how the silver vhw mark is level with the ground, such that it would hold a drop of water (Question Marks have the silver mark rotated slightly anti-clockwise such that a drop of water would run out of the rear end):