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Update June 30, 2012: This taxon has now been formally described: Strymon solitario (Grishin & Durden 2012) in the Journal of the Lepidoptersts' Society 66(2), 2012, 81-110. The English name is not subject to the same strict naming standards, but there is a recently-created NABA Naming Committee that will soon select their name. For now I have changed the name used here to that used by Warren et al. on the BOA website: Big Bend Scrub-Hairstreak.

Big-Bend Scrub-Hairstreaks Strymon solitaro are from the eastern part of Big Bend National Park (road to Rio Grande Village and Boquillas Canyon) Brewster county, Texas on March 07, 2009; they were all within 100 yards of clusters of their host plant Texas False Agave Hechtia texensis, which in the United States is only found in the southern part of BBNP and adjacent areas:

1) the freshest individual of the four:

2) fairly fresh:

3) worn:

4) very worn: