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Update: Another Asterocampa clyton with broken inner cell bar has been added at the bottom of the page.

This Asterocampa Emperor was in my yard (western Fort Worth, TX) on May 13, 2003. The unbroken inner cell-end bar on both FWs indicates A. leilia (an extreme rarity this far north yet Tarrant County has a previous record) - but I've never seen this taxon before, and thus I wonder if this could be a variant A. celtis antonia (antonia is common locally, and nominate celtis is also present here)? Note that very strong southerly winds had dominated for about five days prior to May 11, and I found Vesta Crescents in my yard on May 11 and 12:

c) By way of demonstrating variation in Asterocampa, here are three Tawny Emperors A. Clyton that have obviously broken inner cell-end bars:-