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This moth is presumeably Alypiodes bimaculata Two-spotted Forester - it was spotted by Sheridan Coffey hanging in some flowers along a stream in the Davis Mountains Resort (a private community) near Fort Davis, Jeff Davis county Texas on August 17, 2008. It was not moving so I took a closer look and found that it was hanging in the jaws of a small spider; I robbed him of his meal and laid out the moth for photos (and kept the specimen). While a fairly good fit for A. bimaculata it differs from the 5 individuals I could find images of on the internet:- the basal white spot on each FW is a block rather than a thin triangle plus there is an additinal large mauve-blue spot basal to it; also there is an extra blue spot on the inner part of the FW:

Update August 21, 2012: On August 18, 2012 we were hiking in the Nature Conservancy's Davis Mountains Preserve and saw at least 8 individuals that matched Two-spotted Forester; here is a distant photo of one perched high-up in a conifer. Note that it too has the block-shaped or circular (rather than triangular) basal pale spot plus extra blue markings as per the individual above - and unlike photos of this taxon from further west - ?: