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Update Oct 27, 2007: added another individual from the LRGV, at the bottom of the page:

Update Oct 20, 2007:
East-Mexican sublinea and Erichson's domicella are very similar; in fact the patterns look the same - it's just a matter of the degree of white pigmentation. However I think there is a potentially consistent pattern difference on the ventral hindwing, and I've illustrated it at the bottom of this page:

A probable female
East-Mexican/Huastecan White-Skipper Heliopyrgus sublinea found by Ro Wauer on October 16, 2007 at Falcon State Park, Starr County, Texas:

Below for comparison is an Erichson's White-Skipper Heliopyrgus d. domicella photograph a few hours later at the exact same spot:

There is a dark post-basal band on the ventral hindwing that is largely similar on both forms (yet darker on domicella), but there seems to be a discernable difference in the middle of the distal edge of this dark band:-

Erichson's domicella has a long straight inwards angle that meets a mirrored angle below it to form a shallow pale "V" indentation in the dark band - see the matching white line below: on East-Mexican sublinea this same section of the outer edge of the dark band has a slight outwards angle that then turns abruptly inwards to meet the lower inward angle, forming a pale "sawtooth" indentation in the dark band - see the matching white lines below:

Update Oct 27, 2007:
a probable male from Penitas, Hidalgo County on October 27, 2007
(three were seen at the NABA IBP the same day):