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These Juniper Hairstreaks Callophrys gryneus gryneus were all photographed in Tarrant County, North-central Texas: I've seen two rather unusual-looking nominate gryneus at the same location (but different years), among numerous "normal" ones; both have been a bit yellower in tone on the underside, and had the HW postemedian band consisting of straighter, more-separated white bars, plus the two HW white cell bars have been subdued. I wonder if this due to intergrading with siva (but if this is the case why so few, and why such little variation among the general population?), or if something else is going on?:
a) The first odd-looking gryneus (with a more-typical example in the background):

b) the second odd-looking gryneus, fifteen months later, at the same location, again with a more-typical individual for comparison:

Here are some gryneus that I would call typical of the ones in my area:-

d) note the strong distal displacement of the uppermost white bar in the FW postmedian band:

e) note the partial distal displacement of the uppermost white bar plus the two lowermost white bars, in the FW postmedian band:

- this pattern of white bars in the FW postemedian band is uncommon but regular in my local gryneus, and is identical to that of Hessel's Hairstreak C. hesseli - yet this is the feature mentioned in all butterfly field guides for IDing hesseli.... I would like to tentatively suggest that the following features might be more consistent:-
- on the HW, the two inner white cell spots (A below) on hesseli have an adjacent brown basal bar as well as brown distal bar; gryneus does not have these inner brown bars.
- in the HW, the largest white bar in the postemedian band (B below) on hesseli has a large brown patch (often two-lobed) on the distal side, which gryneus never seems to have.
- on the FW, hesseli has a small white spot in the cell (C below) which gryneus seems to lack.
Compare the image below with the lower photo on this page at Randy Emmitt's fabulous web site: