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Butterflies from the Yucatan, Mexico

From November 16 - 24, 2013, Sheridan Coffey, Dan Peak and I visited the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, birding at Cozumel, Felipe Carillo Puerto (Vigio Chico Road), Calakmul, Chichen Itza, Rio Lagartos, and Coba. Here are some butterflies I managed to photograph in-between birds and dragonflies:

A) Iphidamas Cattleheart Parides iphidamas iphidamas Vigio Chico Road.

B) Torquatus Swallowtail Papilio torquatus atzukoae Vigio Chico Road:

C) Dina Yellow Pyrisitia dina westwoodii two from Coba:

D) Variable Cracker Hamadryas feronia Vigio Chico Road:

E) Naxia Sister Adelpha naxia - Vigio Chico Road:

F) Barnes' Sister Adelpha barnesia leucas - Cancun hotel near airport:

G) Common Olivewing Nessaea aglaura - Vigio Chico Road:

H) Theona Checkerspot Chlosyne theona minimus - Calakmul:

I) Blue-studded Skipper Sostrata nordica - Vigio Chico Road:

J) Blurred Bent-Skipper Ebrietas evanidus - Coba:

K) Gorgythions sp. - Cozumel:

L) Texas Powdered-Skipper Systasea pulverulenta - Coba:

M) Moth sp. - Vigio Chico Road: