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West-central and Northwest Thailand, Feb/March 2016

From February 21 - March 05, 2016, Sheridan, Willie Sekula and I spent fifteen days in the west-central, north-central, and northwest parts of Thailand, expertly led by Dave Sargeant of Chiang Mai.

We visited Pak Thale, Laem Pak Bia, Nong Pla Lai, Kaeng Krachan, Bueng Boraphet, Mai Ping, Doi Inthanon, Mae Taeng, Chiang Dao, Fang, Doi Lang, and Doi Ang Kang.

Graphium nomius - Chiang Dao valley.

Graphium xenocles - Kaeng Krachan.

Appias albina darada - Kaeng Krachan.

Appias indra - Kaeng Krachan.

Appias olferna Kaeng - Krachan.

Ixias pyrene verna (the large freckled yellows with orange bands showing through the FW) - Kaeng Krachan.

Gandaca harina - Kaeng Krachan.

Parantica melaneus - Kaeng Krachan.

Tirumala septentrionis - Kaeng Krachan.

Curetis insularis pseudoinsularis - Kaeng Krachan.

Curetis sp. (the two with the slight orange tone seen through the wings) - Kaeng Krachan.

Dodona adonira - Doi Lang East.

Cyrestis cocles cocles - Kaeng Krachan.

Mycalesis annamitica - Doi Lang West.

Polyura eudamippus - Kaeng Krachan.

Abisara fylla - Doi Inthanon.

Junonia hierta - Doi Lang West.

Calinaga buddha - Doi Lang West.

Chilasa agestor - Doi Lang East.

Cigaritis syama - Kaen Krachan.

Heliophorus ila rolas - Doi Inthanon.

- the following two images of the Heliophorus are by Sheridan Coffey:

Acytolepis puspa gisca - KaengKrachan.

Celatoxia marginata marginata - Doi Lang East.

Udara placidula - Doi Lang West.

Orthomiella rantaizana rovorea - Doi Lang East.

Orthomiella pontis pontis - ?? - Doi Lang East.