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Sheridan Coffey and I visited Suriname from November 09 - 16, 2011 - on the way we spent a day touring Curacao in the Dutch Antilles. As usual our priority was birds, so not too many butterflies - although it was nice to see the nominate form of species that were originally decribed from the Guianas:

Curacao :

CUR11-lep01: Leptotes cassius cassiodes Cassius Blue.

Suriname :

SUR11-lep01: Evenus sponsa "Sponsa" Hairstreak. A beautiful (and apparently rare) taxon, these seem to be the first public photos taken in the wild of this species (on the Brownsberg).

SUR11-lep02: Helicopis cupido Cupid Metalmark (in Paramaraibo area).

SUR11-lep03: Leucochimona hyphea pallida Hyphea Metalmark (near Airport).

SUR11-lep04: Eunica sophonisba sophonisba Sophonisba Purplewing (on the Brownsberg).

SUR11-lep05: Dynamine postverta postverta Four-spotted Sailor (on the Brownsberg).

SUR11-lep06: Pyrrhogyra neaerea neaerea Banded Banner (in Paramaraibo area).

SUR11-lep07: Catonephele actonius actonius Actonius Banner (near Airport).

SUR11-lep08: Catoblepia berecynthia berecynthia Berecynthia Owl-Butterfly (Gallery forest in Savannah).

SUR11-lep09: Prepona laertes ssp. Laertes Prepona ssp. (on the Brownsberg).

SUR11-lep10: Morpho achilles Achilles Morpho ssp?(on the Brownsberg).

SUR11-lep11: Morpho helenor ssp? Common Morpho ssp? (in Paramaraibo area).

SUR11-lep12: Morpho theseus Theseus Morpho ssp? (on the Brownsberg).

SUR11-lep13: Morpho telemachus Telemachus Morpho ssp? (on the Brownsberg).

SUR11-lep14: Achlyodes busirus busirus Giant Sicklewing (in Paramaraibo area).

SUR11-lep15: Phanus marshalli Common Phanus (on the Brownsberg).

SUR11-lep16: Mysoria barcastus barcastus Royal Firetip. Note the lack of yellow in HW fringe on the nominate form (in Paramaraibo area).