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Sheridan Coffey and I visited Puerto Rico from January 30 - February 04, 2012. We mostly concentrated on seeing the birds, so not too many lep photos...:

Eurema daira palmira Barred Yellow: near Coamo.

Phoebis sennae sennae Cloudless Sulphur: near Mayaguez.

Glutophrissa drusilla boydi Florida White
: near Quebradillas.

Glutophrissa punctifera Antillean White: probably the rarest bug we found, at a known site for it near Coamo.

Ascia monuste eubotea Great Southern White: near Coamo.

Strymon bubastus ponce Disjunct Scrub-Hairstreak: near Coamo.

Strymon limenia Limenia Scrub-Hairstreak: near Coamo.

Leptotes cassius theonus Cassius Blue: north of Maricao.

Siproeta stelenes stelenes Malachite: at Maricao Forest.

Calisto nubila Puerto Rican Calisto: at Maricao Forest.

Ephyriades arcas philemon Caribbean Duskywing: Guanica Forest.

Perichares philetes Caribbean Ruby-eye: near Coamo.

Polygonus leo leo Hammock Skipper: northeast of Fajardo.

Wallengrenia drury Drury's Broken-dash: in Maricao Forest.

Choranthus vitellius Vitellius Skipper: near Coamo and at Guanica Forest .

Panoquina nero Nero Skipper
: Guanica Forest.