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Sheridan Coffey and I visited Eastern/Central Panama from March 21 - 25, 2009. On our second full day Sheridan broke her ankle and our plans changed: we had almost two days at Burbayar Lodge east of Cerros Azul/Jeffe, and I had a few hours at the Botanical Garden... thus not many pics!:

Burbayar Lodge :

PA09-lep01: Pareuptychia ocirrhoe White Satyr .

PA09-lep02: Parphorus storax Storax Skipper.

PA09-lep03: Anthopus sp. Skipper sp. .

PA09-lep04: Hesperid sp. Skipper sp. (maybe Butler's Skipper?).

Panama City Botanical Gardens :

PA09-lep05: Arawacus togarna Togarna Hairstreak .

PA09-lep06: Callithomia alexirrhoe ssp? Alex's Clearwing ssp? .

PA09-lep07: Morpho helenor ssp? Common Morpho ssp? .