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Butterflies from Chiapas and Oaxaca, Mexico

From July 11-23, 2015, Sheridan and I spent four days in the central Chiapas area as part of the GBNA biennial meeting, and then a week in south/central Oaxaca as part of a private group, ably organized and lead by Michael Retter. This was a birding trip, and butterflying opportunities were moderate, yet the butterfly numbers were outstanding! I've probably made errors with some of my IDs - any help in sorting them out would be greatly appreciated!:

Butterfly swarm at Sumidero.

Parides montezuma Montezuma's Cattleheart.

Parides iphidamas iphidamas Iphidamas Cattleheart.

Papilio garamas ssp. baroni? Magnificent Swallowtail.

Eurytides epidaus fenochionis Mexican Kite-Swallowtail.

Papilio pilumnus Three-tailed Tiger Swallowtail.

Leptophobia aripa elodia Mountain White.

Pyrisitia dina westwoodii Dina Yellow.

Eurema salome jamapa Salome Yellow.

Arawacus sito Fine-lined Hairstreak.

Celastrina [echo] gozora Mexican Azure.

Iophanus pyrrhias Guatemalan Copper.

Rhetus arcius castigatus Long-tailed Metalmark - it looks like this ssp. even though the BOA ranges suggest it is beutelspacheri.

Thisbe lycorias Banner Metalmark.

Hypophylla zeurippa Zeurippa Metalmark.

Sarota sp..

Lasaia sessilis Gray Lasaia.

Greta andromica Andromica Clearwing.

Tithorea tarricina duenna Cream-spotted Tigerwing.

Melinaea lilis imitata Mimic Tigerwing.

Heliconius hortense Mexican Longwing.

Taygetis kerea Kerea Satyr.

Paramacera xicaque xicaque Mexican Pine-Satyr.

Morpho caterpillars.

Consul excellens excellens Black-veined Leafwing.

Hypna clytemnestra mexicana Silver-studded Leafwing.

Hamadryas februa ferentina Gray Cracker.

Hamadryas glauconome glauconome Glaucous Cracker.

Hamadryas atlantis atlantis Black-patched Cracker.

Doxocopa laurentia cherubina Turquoise Emperor.

Vanessa annabella West Coast Lady.

Epiphile adrasta escalantei Common Banner.

Myscelia cyananthe cyananthe Blackened Bluewing.

Diaethria anna mixteca Anna's Eighty-eight.

Diaethria astala asteroide Astala Eighty-eight.

Chlosyne erodyle erodyle Erodyle Patch.

Chlosyne hippodrome hippodrome Simple Patch.

Chlosyne janais; erodyle; hippodrome - Crimson, Erodyle and Simple Patches.

Eresia phillyra phillyra Longwing/Square-tipped Crescent.

Anthanassa subota Cryptic Crescent.

Anthanassa ptolyca ptolyca Darkened Crescent.

Microtia elva horni Elf.

Staphylus sp. Scallopwing sp.

Bolla solitarius or fenestra Solitary or Oaxaca Sootywing/Bolla ?.

Antigonus erosus Common Spurwing.

Antigonus corrosus Small Spurwing.

Antigonus funebris West Mexican Spurwing.

Mylon pelopidas Pale Mylon.

Polythrix asine Asine Longtail.

Urbanus sp..

Autochton neis Broad Banded-Skipper.

Autochton bipunctatus Gmelin's Banded-Skipper OR A. neis Broad Banded-Skipper - ??.

Codatractus bryaxis Golden Mottled-Skipper.

Codatractus melon Melon Mottled-Skipper.

Piruna aea aea - ? Many-spotted Skipperling -?.

Paratrytone aphractoia Snowball-spotted Skipper.

Poanes niveolimbus Snow-fringed Skipper.

Papias dictys Bottom-spotted Skipper.

Methionopsis ina? or Eprius veleda?.

various moths.