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Butterflies from Nayarit and Sinaloa, Mexico

Sheridan and I visited west Mexico in September 2005; while birds were our priority, we looked at every butterfly we could - and I photographed most of them!

August 10 2006: I've now
added all the butterfly photos from this trip, and arranged them in taxonomic sequence (names and sequence follows that at www.mariposasmexicanas.com) - while I had help identifying many of these, there are quite a few new ones that I've probably gotten wrong - I'd appreciate any corrections.

Swallowtails. Brushfoots: Clearwings to Checkerspots. Skippers: Firetips to tailed Skippers.
Whites and Yellows. Brushfoots: Crescents to Buckeyes. Skippers: Banded-Skippers & Flats.
Gossamerwings. Brushfoots: Sisters to Purplewings. Skippers: other Spreadwings.
Metalmarks. Brushfoots: Crackers to Sailors. Skippers: Grass Skippers.
  Brushfoots: Leafwings to Owls.
  Brushfoots: Satyrs.