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All these were photographed in Nayarit and Sinaloa during the period September 11 - 23, 2005, at elevations between sea-level and c. 7,000 feet. My thanks to Andy Warren for the IDs:

SW01) - Battus laodamas iopas Green-patch Swallowtail (female) Singayata, Nayarit :


SW02) Parides sp. Cattleheart sp; closest to photinus/Pink-spotted? (three different individuals shown here) Singayata and La Bahada, Nayarit:

SW03) Papilio (Pterourus) garamas garamas Magnificent Swallowtail (male) Durango Highway Km 220:


SW04) Papilio victorinus morelius Victorine Swallowtail Durango Highway Km 220:

SW05) male Papilio (Heraclides) androgeus epidaurus Androgeus Swallowtail Singayata, Nayarit: