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All these were photographed in Nayarit and Sinaloa during the period September 11 - 23, 2005, at elevations between sea-level and c. 7,000 feet. My thanks to Andy Warren for the IDs:

Sk101) ) female Chalypyge chalybea chloris Orange-rimmed Skipper Durango Highway c. Km 222, Sinaloa:

Sk102) Elbella scylla Scylla Firetip Singataya Nayarit:

Sk103) Mysoria amra Blue-collared Firetip Singataya, Nayarit:

Sk104) Epargyreus aspina Spineless Silverdrop La Bahada Nayarit:

Sk105) Polygonus leo arizonensis Hammock Skipper Durango Highway c. Km 255, Sinaloa:

Sk106) Typhedanus undulatus Mottled Longtail Singataya Nayarit:

Sk107) Codatractus sp. Mottled-Skipper sp. lowland Nayarit:

Sk108) Codatractus sp. Mottled-Skipper sp. Cerro San Juan Nayarit:

Sk109) Urbanus doryssus chales White-tailed Longtail near Cerro San Juan, Nayarit:

Sk110) male Urbanus sp. La Bahada Nayarit: