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All these were photographed in Nayarit and Sinaloa during the period September 11 - 23, 2005, at elevations between sea-level and c. 7,000 feet. My thanks to Andy Warren for the IDs:

M01) Mesosemia lamachus Purple-washed Eyemark:

M02) Calephelis sp.:

M03) Baeotis zonata zonata Bumblebee Metalmark:

M04) Melanis cephise cephise White-tipped Metalmark:

M05) Melanis acroleuca White-rayed Metalmark Durango Highway, Km 258, Sinaloa:

M06) female Emesis sp. (possibly vulpina):

M07) female Emesis zela zela Zela Emesis:

M08) male Emesis tenedia Falcate Emesis :