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All these were photographed in Nayarit and Sinaloa during the period September 11 - 23, 2005, at elevations between sea-level and c. 7,000 feet. My thanks to Andy Warren for the IDs:

B401) ) Hamadryas februa Gray Cracker Lowland Nayarit:

B402) Hamadryas glauconome grisea Glaucous Cracker Lowland Nayarit:

B403) Hamadryas guatemalena marmarice Guatemalan Cracker Lowland Nayarit:

B404) Hamadryas amphinome mazai Red Cracker lowland Nayarit:

B405) Pyrrhogyra neaerea hypsenor Banded Banner/Leading Redring La Bahada, Nayarit

2nd individual:

B406) Temenis laothoe ssp. quilapayunia? Orange Banner La Bahada, Nayarit:

B407) Dynamine dyonis Blue-eyed Sailor Singataya, Nayarit :

B408) Dynamine postverta mexicana Mexican Four-spotted Sailor La Bahada Nayarit: