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Butterflies from southwestern Guatemala

I visited the the Lago Atitlan area (and nearby pacific foothills) during Feb 26 - Mar 03 2006, while attending the Second International Birdwatching Encounter in Guatemala.

It was primarily a birding and eco-tourism trip, but I looked for butterflies whenever I could. It was the dry season there, and I saw very few blooming nectar plants, and very few butterflies - I was told that during the wet season (May - Oct) there are tremendous numbers and variety of butterflies in this region:

A) White-spotted Clearwing Greta annetta annetta .

B) Crimson Patch Chlosyne janais ssp?:

C) Yellow-striped Gemmed-Satyr Cyllopsis nelsoni ?:

D) Napaea Satyr Pedaliodes napaea - ?:

note red band on trailing edge of upper HW:

E) Azure Celastrina sp.: