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Butterflies from south Ecuador

Sheridan Coffey, Willie Sekula, and Dan Peak and myself made two birding and butterflying trips to southern Ecuador during December 2006 and November 2007. On the West Slope we visited areas in and near Cuenca, Las Cajas NP, Loja, Zamora, Cabanas Yankuam on Rio Nangaritza, Vilcabmaba, Cello Toledo, Jocotoco Reserve, and Valladolid. On the East Slope we visited areas in and near La Delicia, north of Catacocha, Buenaventura Reserve near Pinas, and Machala.

EC06-04X-04: Parides eurimedes mylotes True Cattleheart.

EC06-08X: Lieinix nemesis Frosted Mimic-White.

EC07-11: Mesosemia jucunda? Jucunda Eyemark?

EC07-01: Altinote neleus Neleus Altinote.

EC07-02: Altinote sp. nr. dicaeus? Altinote sp.

EC07-03: Baeotus beotus Graphic Beauty.

EC06-06X-01: Pycina zamba zamba Cloud-forest Beauty.

EC07-04: Catonephele chromis Sister-spotted Banner.

EC07-05: Marpesia corinna Corinna Daggerwing.

EC07-06: Doxocopa cyane ssp. Cyan Emporer ssp.

EC06-06X-02: Hamadryas sp. nr. iphthime? Cracker sp. near Brownish.

EC06-06X-03: Hamadryas sp. nr. glauconome? Cracker sp. near Glaucous.

EC07-10: Antirrhea philoctetes Northern Antirrhea/Common Brown Morpho.

EC07-09: Morpho achilles ssp. Achilles Morpho ssp.

EC07-07: Heliconius erato etylus " Etylus" Erato Longwing.

EC07-08: Heliconius leucadia andromeda Andromeda Longwing.

EC06-06X-04: Hermeuptychia hermes Hermes Satyr.

EC06-06X-05: Taygetis thamyra Thamyra/Andromeda Satyr.

EC06-06X-06: Oxyoschistus [pronax] protogenia Protogenia Satyr.

EC06-06X-07: Pedaliodes ferratilis Ferratilis Satyr.

EC06-06X-08: Pedaliodes pelinna Pelinna Satyr.