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Butterflies from central and northern Colombia, August and December 2009

Sheridan Coffey, Dan Peak (some of the time) and myself made two birding and butterflying trips to Colombia during August and December 2009. In the Western Andes we visited areas in and near Medellin, Jardin, and El Cairo (southwest of Cartago). In the Central Andes we visited areas in and near Manizales (incl. Nevado del Ruiz) and Pereira (La Suiza/Otun). In the Eastern Andes we visited areas in and near Bogota, Chingaza National Park, Guasca, Guayabetal (road to Villavicencio), Rogitama (near Tunja), and Soata. In the north we visited areas in and near Rioacha, Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Minca, and the Cuchilla San Lorenzo in the northwest corner of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Elzunia humboldt bomplandii(?) La Suiza/Otun (east of Pereira; middle west slope of central Andes), August 26, 2009:

ssp? - this one is from near Guayabetal on the road to Villavicencio (lower east slope of eastern Andes), December 10, 2009: