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Sheridan Coffey, Dan Peak and I visited Alaska from May 25- June 02 2008. We were on St. Paul Island until May 30, with May 31 on the Kenai Penninsula - and both locations were butterfly-free for us. On June 01, 2008 we spent the afternoon at two locations along the Glenn Highway: at the Tolsona Campground close to Glennallen in Valdez-Cordova Borough; along the roadside at Sheep Mountain Lodge, Matanuska-Susitna Borough - at these two sites I was rather surprised to see a few butterflies, most of which I managed to photograph:

Tolsona Campground:

lepsAK0801: three of the many Northern Azures Celastrina [ladon} lucia.

lepsAK0802: a Green Comma/Anglewing Polygonia faunus arcticus. (one also seen at Sheep Mountain Lodge)

Sheep Mountain Lodge:

lepsAK0803: two Canadian Sulphurs C. canadensis.

lepsAK0804: three Large Marbles Euchloe ausonides.

lepsAK0805: a Freija Fritillary Boloria freija freija.